​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
 Infant​ Class (Gems)

Our Gems class is made especially for infants ages 6 weeks-11 months old. In our infant program, caring, supportive teachers foster social-emotional development through nurturing relationships with the children, while babies develop physical skills as they learn to move and manipulate toys. Our teachers foster a relationship with each child and encourage them to reach each milestone of development in their lives. In our Gems class the highest priority is safety and security of the children, we follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for safe sleep. We also adhere to proper hand washing and diapering to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your infant!

​1 Year Old Class (Pebbles)

Our Pebbles class is made especially for 12 months - 23 months old children. At this stage your little one is learning to walk and talk more and curiosity drives them to explore. Our program encourages the children to gain self-help skills, such as ability to feed themselves, relate to others and make choices for themselves. Our purpose in the Pebbles class is to get them ready for preschool by teaching them how to use markers, paintbrushes, and spoons. Our Pebbles class is also learning to safely explore the outdoors in our playground area with an active toddler in mind. All toys are age-appropriate for toddlers in our classroom. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your toddler!

2 Year Old Class (Rocks)


​Our Rocks Class has 2 classes that is created with your specific child in mine. Our Rocks Class 1 is for children ages 24 -29 months old. These are our little rocks that are not quite ready for potty training. Our Rocks Class 2 is for children ages 30-35 months old. This class is made especially for our 2 year olds that are ready to begin potty training. In these classrooms, energetic preschoolers enjoy shared and independent learning experiences while being supervised by highly talented teachers. Our Rocks are encouraged to participate in health and safety measures while learning valuable life skills such as hand washing. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your preschooler!

3 & 4 Year Old Class (Boulders)

Our Boulders class is just that BOLD! Our Boulder class is made especially for 36 months-4 years old. We have 2 programs for our Boulders, part-time and full-time. We have a morning out program for 2 or 3 days a week that is made with your little one in mind. This class is for children to socially and emotionally prepare for Pre-Kindergarten without requiring to be enrolled full-time. In these classrooms each day, highly skilled teachers create a balance of independent discovery, cooperative learning and generous outdoor playtime, all leading to school-readiness in a safe and secure environment. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your preschooler!

Rolling Stones

Just as stones are moved and changed by weathering our little stones continue to move as they learn and grow.  The programs above ​indicate a path that reflects their growth.  Classrooms grow and divide as needed to best accommodate the needs at the time.  Schedule a tour today to find out how our program polishes our precious jewels.  

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